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Critique my political site, pretty please.

PunditPPunditP subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2008 in Website Critique

I realize there are some serious SEO problems with this website at the moment. There is going to have to be a large overhaul to get rid of the nav-bar element, and the various image-buttons, as well as moving the blog onto the homepage. But for now, I`d still appreciate any feedback, thanks.PunditP12/16/2008 2:38 AM


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Visually, it`s kinda weird. The top is wide open, lots of space, then narrows to the menu and mission statement, then gets really narrow for the content with the ads on each side. It`s like a funnel effect, and the bottom is almost claustrophobic. You are basically making the 2 tall ads more important than the content, since that is what is easier to read, and takes over the bottom of the page; the content is second to the ads. So, which is more important? Improve your content area; it is narrow and difficult to read with the size and colors used.
    You also don`t have a menu on the secondary pages similair to the main page, so it took a minute to realize there was a menu.
    The coding is massive, and probably half of it is unneeded. your code/content ratio is @ 7-8%, which would increase with more efficient coding. Your meta tags are out of whack and need reworked. A spider simulator is picking up html code as well as content, not helpful. W3C validation shows 88 code errors and 19 css errors.
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    GraphicalRobGraphicalRob subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi PunditP:
    As a Graphic Designer in the print field I think that Webline`s expert opinion on the tech side should be very helpful to you. No offense, but when I first look at the site overall the colors I think are very uninviting and do not have a positive impact. maybe they could be brighter, perhaps in the same family of colors? The content is jumbled and hard to follow and I feel the content should flow A to B to C. Any shots that are used as the main pics can be a duo tone (2 colors) but I think maybe a different combination of colors. the ones there look very muddy. I do like the brand name of the site and I think when redesigned it will be very informative and look much more interesting. This is my first hour on the site so I do not have all of my info up. On the design end maybe I can be of some help in the future. Drop me a line.Regards,RobGraphicalRob12/18/2008 5:13 PM
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    PunditPPunditP subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback guys, the current layout is reflective of me learning coding and not going back and fixing errors as I went. I am going to re-design the entire website soon though. Thanks a lot for the thoughtful advice.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I went back to your site and went through one of the easy tests, to see how it functions. I selected a "Novice" test.
    The beginning page says that novice tests contain 15 questions, yet the "Start Page" says "1 - 20".
    I wonder why the test has to open in a new tab/window?
    During the test, if I get an answer correct, it lets me know, which is as is expected. However, when getting an answer wrong, even though I`m told I`m wrong, it would be nice to know what the correct answer actually is.
    Finally, when the test is done ( at least the one I took ), the "Close Window" link didn`t work.
    So although it`s functional, I think it could use some tweaking here and there.
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