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Country of origin "MADE IN THE USA"

decartedecarte subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Marketing
I am new to this forum, and wanted say thanks I have learned so much from reading the past posts. 
One valuble marketing tip that I can offer anyone or is actually manufacturing a product.   It is extremely important to express  "Made 100% in the USA by USA RAW MATERIALS.  
A number of my customers have mentioned how great it is to be able to get something made in our own back yard for a change.
( Now I realize not every company can do this. however it cetainly helps our economy!)


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    CladdaghCladdagh subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Yes, it is. The only problem I have with the "Made in USA" label is that it also applies to American Territories. My work in Anti human trafficking programs made me aware of this. A major clothing factory in American Somalia victimized hundreds of people while producing "Made in USA" products. I personally would like to see "Made in USA" and "Made in USA Territories" to differentiate between the two.
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    GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    They may have said that it was great that something was made here and it is, however, the reality of it is that they probably would have bought your product if it wasn`t MADE IN USA labeled.
    If the American consumer likes your product, 9 times out of 10 they will buy it no matter where it was made, outside of your real hardcore made in the USA people.
    Just my experience!!!
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    decartedecarte subscriber Posts: 2
    Trent-- I agree with your comments as well. This may sound silly but I have actually started looking at the "Made in" labels if it is from a county that is not very reputable then I look for an alternative.
    Thanks for the comments
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    decartedecarte subscriber Posts: 2
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