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How to find a mentor

jhstallworthjhstallworth subscriber Posts: 2
Hello all,
I am an aspiring entreprenuer in the Chicagoland area. I have several ideas but I need to find a mentor who I can provide some guidance. Without appearing desperate or the like, what is the most effective way of finding someone who will fit that role. If anyone out there has been there done that and found a mentor that has helped them move from level 0 to level 1 and beyond, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    OfficeSpaceJeffOfficeSpaceJeff subscriber Posts: 0
    Go to www.score.org.This is a quasi-governmental agency affiliated with the SBA.  They will give you FREE advise!!  They have offices all over the US and you can also communicate with them online.  Their mentors are volunteers, many of them retired, successful business people.  They can match you up with someone that has expertise in your field.
    Also go to http://sbdcnet.utsa.edu - this is the website for the Small Business Development Centers.  They are also affiliated with the SBA, will give FREE advise and have offices throughout the country usually on or near college campuses.
    Both of these are great resources and you can`t beat free!!!
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    tclaibornetclaiborne subscriber Posts: 1
       As someone who recently accomplished this (without mentioning names we are talking multi millionaire, media personality, author, etc) by doing the following things: being persistent....you will not likely suceed on the first time...being bold and honest....people want to help, and almost everyone started where you are at and had some mentors along the way...offer them something in return.....try to form a business alliance where they can teach you along the way...make your an asset to this person...not a liability...good luck and feel free to e-mail me if you need and more ideas
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    jhstallworthjhstallworth subscriber Posts: 2
    Great idea! Thanks very much.
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    The Best Networking site I found is myspace. People list on their profile their experience and you can find someone in the business you want to enter and add them to your friends list. once they are your friend and you develop an online relationship you can ask them to be a mentor.
    I was able to get a music mentor via www.myspace.com</A>
    I joined fashion groups in myspace and was able to get fashion mentors etc.
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    jhstallworthjhstallworth subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. I followed your advise and obtained a space on MySpace.com. I `ll start from there to see what happens.
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    tannersoldittannersoldit subscriber Posts: 1
    Good Morning jhstallworth:
    This link will take you to the state of Illinois` Entrpreneurship network.  There are matching grants available through this network, as I have written 4 successfully.  You can get funds for feasibility studies, marketing and sales plans, tools, etc. 
    Additionally, I am available for private analysis at no charge.  Coincidentally, my daughter lives in Chicago and I will be through there in the next 2 weeks.  I have successfully facilitated the lauch of 3 products and service companies through this grant program.  I live in Illinois near StL.
    Let me know if you`d like to meet.
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    tannersoldittannersoldit subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Kathy:
    You are most welcome!  Illinois is trying to be pro entrepreneur, but they are so bureaucratic, it`s difficult for their Entrepreneurship Center`s (ECs) to be useful to all of us. 
    Chicago area has several ECs that may have grant money available.  The new fiscal year just began this month, so fresh money should be in place.  Each center has money for about 5 matching grants of up to $5000 each.  It`s a 50/50 match. 
    If money is not available at one call another.  If that doesn`t work, call me.  I may be able to help.
    Good luck on your move!
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    ryantcryantc subscriber Posts: 0
    First, you should ask yourself what you want in a mentor. Look in and ourside your office. Do an advanced people search on LinkedIn. Consider a mentor younger than you. 
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    twhansburytwhansbury subscriber Posts: 2
    Mentors only work when it is a natural relationship.  you can not force it.  Best Mentors are ones that are not who you want to be but somone who sees potential in you and can help you become the best version of it.
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    Visionary01Visionary01 subscriber Posts: 4
    Wow, this is an old post!
    That said, if anyone is still looking for a mentor who will cater to your specific business, then check out www.TheTaylorAcademy.com.  It provides 9 weeks of training and the mentorship lasts a full year.
    Hopefully the folks who posted in 2006 will see this.  :)
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