Your Insights?

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Hello Everybody!

I`m 16 years old, and starting a media design business called Orange
I highly respect all of you as wise business owners and want to know your
insight on how I am approaching the starting of this business.

My website is...

I am hoping you will take the time to give me your criticism, ideas, things
to improve on, quality, and overall impression on the way I am starting

Thank you for your time,
Jeremy Saenz


  • DrLADrLA subscriber Posts: 0
    I see you`re getting there!  Congrats on the new business and your new website, it is great to see young entrepreneurs stepping out there. 
    The site is great, and straight to the point.  I`d add a little more orange to key sentences like "your site will STANDOUT among your competition."  Not too much, just a few key attention words. 
    Have you identified your target market?  Other young entrepreneurs who need websites would be a great start.  You are doing more than internet advertising I hope, word of mouth is the absolute best.
    Be Well,
    Dr. LA
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