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Restructure and add 30% - 50% in revenue.

jenqjenq subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Sales
Why are 76% of corporations in this country structured this way? Can you benefit from this knowledge in your small business or personal affairs? Absolutely!


  • DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
    What does restructing means/consists of? And how does it add 30% to50% in revnune?
    Delta Airlines did a restructing and it is still losing $$$$$$$
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Restructing is basically "business-speak" for reorganization, increasing efficiency, that sort of thing. It`s more or less meaningless because it can mean so many things. Layoffs, consolidation, hiring, firing, opening, closing, etc. You often hear about charges or expenses related to restructuring. It`s just indirect language. It`s like calling your housekeeper a "Dust Removal Engineer".
  • jenqjenq subscriber Posts: 2
    The restructuring I`m speaking of has to do with how your personal and corporate entities are set up; i.e., private interest foundations, IBC`s, Nevada C Corps, LLC`s..... They all work in conjunction with one another and are how the wealthy elite are, and have been, set up for the past 100+ years. I have personal experience with them and would be happy to elaborate more with you via e-mail I`m not sure where you are in GA, but on Nov. 11th you have the rare opportunity to learn more about these types of entities as well as other financial education you may be intereseted in. There will be a full day seminar in Atlanta, GA. Thank you for inquiring. Enjoy your weekend
  • DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
    hey jenq

    i am 20 minutes EAST of Atlanta in a town call Lithonia...on nov 11?? where
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