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Jewelry Website Critique - www.HarperStreet.com

HarperStreetHarperStreet subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Website Critique
Hi everyone!
My website obviously still has a few kinks that it needs worked out, however I wanted to post it on here to get some opinions and see what the consensus is on whether or not I`m moving in the right direction.
The "Information" links on the left need a lot of help... and I recognize that. Also, I realize that I need to add much more product to make this a robust business.
The site was created by my boyfriend and I, where he built much of the site and I do the design work. The jewelry is handmade and photographed by myself.
Thanks in advance!


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    MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I like the site a lot, it`s well designed, nicely laid out, utilizes a good color scheme.
    Consider making the font type larger right under where it says "Welcome to Harper Street Jewelry" in bold face. The text is a little small and may make it difficult for some visitors to read.
    I`m a little conflicted about the banner. On one end I like the simplicity of it, but on the other hand I feel as if it should have a little more detail or design to it. I can`t quite decide but something you should possibly consider.
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I agree, all that gray is, well, gray.  Here`s a suggestion for the banner.  Note the image is a screen copy from a Royalty Free site - you should use your own.  (It`s on my website because I don`t know if we can post images on this forum).
    Just an idea.....
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    onepearlonepearl subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Jennifer,
    Your site looks great. I agree that the banner needs a bit more information and the suggestion of adding the word "Jewelry" makes sense. Your designs are beautiful and I love all the briolettes!The photography is really nice. I tried to photograph my jewelry, but was not successful at all. I can appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your photos. Kudos!I also like the fact that you can chose one of three currencies.You and your boyfriend did a great job on the site.Theresa Wing Hineswww.onepearl.com
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    jumbopandajumbopanda subscriber Posts: 0
    I like the site.  It looks really good.  I would say though that the monitor in the left column does really need to be there.  If you want to show your payment options, just show them.  Why do you need a monitor? After all, the picture on it is a diff site with a diff color scheme.  Other than that, well done!  Good luck!
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