I am new. Let me know about: Evolution International

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Hello everyone,
First of all, I thank everyone of you who comment regarding this topic.
I am new to startup, and I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding a company that I have been barely a part of for almost one year. I have never really put alot of time into this company, because everytime I get motivated something in me make me skeptical. I have kept in touch with the company, and all involved have been good to me, but I can`t get past the skeptical feel.
Can some of you out there give me what you may think of this company, if you know of it. If you do not, may I get some advice on what to do next? I have very little marketing skills, but if believe have great passion. I really want to be able to have some more freedom to spend additional time with my children.
Once again, thank you in advance. I look forward to your responses.


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