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How has your product changed?

JBSurfsJBSurfs subscriber Posts: 10 Member
edited June 2008 in Grab Bag
I`m just reading through the different posts and trying to match up beginning with end or current results. It got me thinking, as I am in first stages of hopefully a successful business.  What did you plan to start out with and what did you end up with or how did it change as you learned more about yourself and your business?
For instance, did anyone start out to make maternity clothes and end up finding your niche was really in mom and daughter matching outfits or start off making signs and find out business cards was where it was at.  Just thought it might be an interesting read and give some of us a "you`re not alone" reality check.


  • minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    When I started my business years ago I decided to be a custom preserved floral designer because I love flowers.  I wanted to run it from home and quickly found out that storing preserved flowers in my house in SC where the heat and humidity are really high wouldn`t work and I didn`t have enough room for the inventory I would need.  Also, shipping arrangements is a pain! 
    I ended up finding a couple of great lines of home accents made from rocks and minerals that we now sell.  Since I am a geologist it fits perfectly with my background and we are able to pre-pack everything in gift boxes which makes it easy to store and ship and looks nice for the customer.  It`s funny how you sometimes start out with one idea and find that a different one is perfect for you and your situation!
  • chefamychefamy subscriber Posts: 2
    While my product has always been the same, I and my company have changed in endless ways, names, packaging, target markets, it goes on and on.  I feel that the best businesses are able to adapt and flow when necessary.  While we are still in the struggling stages I can look back and see that there has been great progress made.
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