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You have 30 days to make as much money as possible - Go

JBSurfsJBSurfs subscriber Posts: 10 Member
edited July 2008 in Selecting a Business
Okay, so just thought this might be interesting and make spawn some ideas for someone.
Let`s say you have 30 days starting now to make as much money as possible in any legal way you can.  What are you going to do.  Feel free to add stipulations such as money available or tools available.
For me, I`d probably try to paint houses or mow lawns and spend the rest of the time with a free website through microsoft and use it to hopefully get some pay clicks.  Maybe add in the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night taxi service as legally as possible.  I also own a small boat, so maybe dolphin tours or something to that effect all on word of mouth or door to door.
I obviously wouldn`t make tons of money, but would like to see what everyone else says.  And using your current business doesn`t count.  Can be the same type of business, but new name.


  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    This is cool....
    I`d get a Doorman job at a Gentleman`s club... Good cash. I would then solicit the other bouncers, dancers, bartenders, to teach them self-defense for $$. If  I were able to get people to pay me for lessons, I would solicit employees at other clubs.
    geeze....there must be more ideas..but I`m stuck.
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2

    This is cool.... I`d get a Doorman job at a Gentleman`s club... Good cash. I would then solicit the other bouncers, dancers, bartenders, to teach them self-defense for $$. If  I were able to get people to pay me for lessons, I would solicit employees at other clubs. geeze....there must be more ideas..but I`m stuck.
    Maybe I would be a dancer at nights and during the day walk dogs, wash cars...lol then I could take self-defense classes from Saber, and kick his butt for my money back (just kidding).  

    kcorder796/25/2008 11:46 AM
  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    LOL !   Funny stuff Kcorder79.....love it ! 
    Appreciate your sense of humor...don`t worry about being too PC w/me.
    But the Teacher never teaches the student ALL he knows.....just because he never wants to get his butt kicked....especially by a girl !  How embarrasing that would be...I`d be finished..done...history.
    The Mortgage company I`m working for may very well go out of business so I may have to impliment my ideas. CraigL suggested something I`ve thought about for the past year, which is to incorporate more than just self-defense training in the classes I occationally teach. I can add in meditation, visualization, a bit of life coaching, my fascination with energy, etc. There`s a huge trend in this Country where people are looking for happiness, meaning of life, etc.
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree that would be huge!  People are looking for Zen and how to take care of themselves and their bodies.  I have also put some thought into having a bike shop...just buying used bikes on craigslist or at yard sales and fixing them up a bit and selling them...it`s a great time right now...the gas prices and all.
    And as for kicking your butt...yeah you`d like it...lol
  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    Kc...I think anything related to saving on gas is a good idea. My son, who lives w/his mom, is finding/buying bikes and doing just that. He`s had kids give him bikes for free. Most of the time it`s because they`ve outgrown them or just want a new one. He`s bought them at garage sales for $ 3.00 !
    And as for kicing my butt....ok, you`ve got me pegged !
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    Yeah that is exactly what we were thinking.  In the town we live in there is one bike shop and it`s way overpriced.  We were thinking garage sales and craigslist.  Plus there`s a house right down the road that has bikes out in their yard for sale all year.  I don`t know how willing I`ll be to buy them if they have that many all the time...where are they getting them, or do they just have the same idea..gotta be careful.  I don`t want to sell someone a stolen bike.
  • ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
    You guys can have my bike, it needs an adjustment in the gearing because the chain slips off and I do not have the time to fool with it lol. Seriously though I have been thinking about what to do in thirty days and I am just trying to see what I can sell that I personally own in my house first. I have a wide variety of Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt cars and hot wheels that have never been opened. I also have some nice model cars such as viper`s, and ferrari`s, will see if this goes anywhere the model cars are up for sale already on craigslist.
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    How far away is your bike from Idaho?  We are going to start doing this on the side for now.  Soon we`ll open shop.
  • ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
    Quite a long way its in Cincinnati ohio
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    You`re right it is a long way.  Maybe you could sell it or give it away at a garage sale. I think that would be too far for me to go get it.  Thanks though.
  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    Chris....may as well e-bay and Craigslist them if it`s money just sitting there.
    So nobody with more ideas ? 
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    I have another...I would hold a class on gardening.  What and what not to do.  That could bring in some green in more than one way lol.  With the economy going the way it is, I`m sure more people would like to start gardening, so they don`t have to pay so much at the store. 
  • SouthernCharmSouthernCharm subscriber Posts: 0
    I`d start a bank so that all you guys have a place to put your money!!
  • kcorder79kcorder79 subscriber Posts: 2
    LOL...that would be a good idea. 
  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    You know....I think I like that idea of Guarden Teacher. I`m looking at purchasing a house that has a really big back yard and I was thinking of putting a garden in it. I don`t need lessons though....I`m actually a farm boy transplanted to the City.
    I believe one BIG reason I`m in such good health is a result of growing up on a farm and eating all that we grew and raised...rarely went to the grocery store.
    You can grow a small garden just about anywhere. I know people in Detroit that have gardens. Save $$, eat healthier, no chemicals or processing. The benefits go on and on.
    Hey SouthernCharm...great idea. I don`t know of too many banks going out of business...as long as you don`t do too many mortgages.
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