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This is my second post for feedback on  I REALLY appreciated the feedback I received after my first post a couple of weeks ago and have made significant changes to my website since then.  After reading posts in a couple of other forums I decided to add a basic introduction to business principles page 10 Principles for Small Businesses from which I will link to calculations and lessons covering specific topics.  Target group is small business owners and those who are just getting started.
I appreciate feedback on the following:
> Site design/layout
> Content: do you see where this will provide content useful to the target group?
> What is the best way to get more ideas from people online?
Jeff Moore

JeffMoore3/22/2008 8:57 AM


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    There`s an old saying - be careful what you ask for....seriously though - great feedback, thank you!!
    Before responding to your particular suggestions, in response about Excel and the complexity of making a website (or book) about it:  My feeling is that the tool is so complex and there are so many general sites/books about using Excel that it is hard to stand out in the crowd.  I think targeting a specific audience and giving them just what they need is important.  Even the scope of Excel for small businesses may be too broad...
    On your specific notes:
    > Tagline in passive voice:  This is one of the few points on which I respectfully disagree.  I think starting with "Practical Guide..." is more compelling, though I would be interested in what others think as well.
    > Clicking on the logo/banner to go to the home page - great idea!  easy to do - I just implemented and uploaded it.
    > Each of the 3 key points on the home page pointing to a lesson: great idea - that one is on my to-do list.
    > Pricing transparency:  my strategy right now is to build useful content to attract an audience and add per-charge items such as videos and downloadable pre-built spreadsheets.  I think you make a good suggestion about reassuring people up front what is for free so they trust investing their time.
    > Using Corporate jargon terms like fixed and variable cost up front:  great sugestion!  I will look at ways to rephrase this to make it easier for the non-business person.
    > Distracting flow: agreed again.  I was trying to make sure people looked at the background information to help the lessons go more smoothly.  I`ll think about how to keep this from being misleading.
    > Ernie`s Story: you`re right again, it needs a better title (just changed it).
    > Your general comments about the flow and organization:  I agree it needs improvement.  I`m still working through ideas on the general layout, and I think your idea of laying out the flow graphically is again a great one.
    Thanks again Craig!
    glasscda3/22/2008 4:10 PM
  • JeffMooreJeffMoore subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Stan!  Yes, alot more work to get done over the coming weeks.  My wife is starting to give me more editing feedback now.
    JeffMoore3/22/2008 8:18 PM
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