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Templates Can Be a Cheap, Fast Way to a Quality Web Site

redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
Many small business owners cannot afford custom web design (especially when starting out), want to maintain control over their site, or enjoy learning new skills.  Whatever the reason among small business owners, self-published websites are popular. If you are going to tackle this monsterous task, I highly recommend purchasing a template.
Templates are web designs in a box.  You just edit for content (logos, pictures, text) and publish to the net.  This can be the fastest way to a quality web design.
There are essentially 4 steps.Buy a template.  I recommend TemplateMonster.com.  I`ve used their products in the past, and continue to purchase from them for quick starts to projects.Edit the template using Dreamweaver or any free web site editors.  I use Dreamweaver from time to time, but actually do most of my coding by hand.  However, a great free editor (I`ve used in the past) is CoffeeCup.You`ll need to host your website online.  The host I use (and have used for years) is Dreamhost.com.  Use the promo code redfish to save $25.  They`ve got all the options you can think of!  If you just want space, and you want someone else to manage all the details for you I recommend my hosting service. You can message me and we can set it up (as little as $5/month-to-month and no setup fees - and you`ll still be getting Dreamhost for less!).  With hosting you`ll also need to buy a domain (www.yourbusiness.com).  I recommend purchasing your domain when you purchase your hosting - it is much easier, otherwise you have to use some advanced DNS services.Upload your website using an FTP program.  There are tutorials about how to do this or if you use my hosting I will help you set it all up.  CuteFTP is a great piece of software and has a trial.  The software I use is no longer available.  You can also use online versions.
It`s a simple process, but can be overwhelming.  If you run into trouble there is a lot of help on the internet (you can Google it or ask in forums like this one!).


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