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Most Common Mistake

redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
I`ve been reviewing some of the pages here in the critique forum, and reviewing pages I get emailed about, and there is one common element that crops up the most.  A failure to define what your website goals are.
When designing a website, make sure you know what you want it to do.  Like all advertising, there should be an objective (preferably measurable).  But with websites it seems that most people just want to load it up with information.  These bloated websites are not user friendly!
In a radio ad you`ve got 30 seconds to sell.  On a website you might have less!  Your design has a lot to do with it, but your words more-so.  We`ll all still have to admit, that on the internet, content still reigns supreme.  But most small businesses overload their websites with too many pages of repeated information.  But setting that aside, the first major improvement (that will also provide the greatest return) is on the landing pages (or mainly, your home page).
Your home page should be brief.  It`s unlikely that your brand is top-of-mind already, however, most of your visitors are probably already aware of similar products: so briefly introduce yours.  But keep it all about them.  Write out the benefits for the visitor.  Instead of "our patented weight-loss program is one of the country`s most effective", write "You`ll be guaranteed to lose weight fast with our patented products".
So, be brief.  Be consumer aware. And drive the visitor.  Where do you want the visitor to go?  Do you want them to buy?  Then ask them to.  Do you want them to sign-up for a newsletter? Then profile it with a call to action.  Time-and-time again, calls to actions are proven effective!  So take your website to the next level and make it brief, make it good, and make it effective.redfish11/10/2008 11:42 PM
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