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I helped a guy out on another forum - and he wanted to thank me by sending me 1000 fortune cookies!
I own a web design company... What should I put in them?  I would probably just mail them to potential clients with a targetted brochure (which would be designed around the cookies).  The idea being more of a buzz generator then straight advertising.
I`m new in this area - so just getting my name out will help.  Then when I do sales pitches/calls to actually try to get their business they will have heard of me.
But what should I put in the cookie?


  • MyMarketEASEMyMarketEASE subscriber Posts: 1
    What a cute (and inventive) barter!
    A great idea would be to include a "winning" ticket inside one of the cookies, and the only way for people to find out if they`ve won is to come to your website.  Once they get to your site, it would be a nice idea to have information there they can download or something "sticky" to keep them on your site for a while.
    Good luck!
  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    Its an interesting idea, but I`d be pretty hesitant to eat something I received in the mail from someone I don`t know. Even if it has brochures and a possible "golden ticket inside", the idea of receiving food in the mail might creep some people out.
    Couldn`t you send the cookies to existing clients for a % off of your services? I don`t know how many clients you have, so perhaps you can also send some to warmer leads who may already know you?
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    Good point, Matt.  But I`m guessing that anyone who receives these cookies, warm leads or not, will probably be hesitant to eat them.  They`ll probably go directly to the offer inside -- especially if it`s supported by some sort of mailer that describes the campaign.
  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    That was another thought I was having. The cookie might not be so much as a FOOD item, but an eye catcher.
    So I guess I`m a bit torn on my suggestion of its use MattThomas4/7/2009 12:04 PM
  • redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    You`d probably be surprised by how many people would eat the cookie here in this city .  It`s a smaller Canadian city, so there`s a lot of trust.  I`m new to business here, so I`ll probably mail everyone I know a cookie to let them know I`m in business... But also, my parents have been in business for 40 years here (so my name is recognized - I have a unique last name that isn`t easily forgotten).
    But I understand that many people may not eat the cookie (which really isn`t a concern to me).  Mostly just want to use it as an eye catcher (like Matt said).  I`m just not sure the best way to do it.  I wouldn`t have gone out and purchased 1000 fortune cookies -- it`s a gift...
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    Good point, Byrne. 
    Redfish, I`m assuming you didn`t know the guy who`s sending the cookies very well, correct?
  • redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    I have a business relationship with him.  He`s a first time client - who has been making fortune cookies for years - shipping them for 25 years.  If I can`t trust him, then who can I trust?
    I`m located in Canada - where court cases are very rare unless it`s very serious (people don`t sue people here - they have them criminally charged).  Even if I was taken to court, something like that would be dismissed by a judge before it came to trial.  I also wouldn`t be on the hook.
    However, word of mouth is important - that`s something to consider...
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