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Remote Assistance forum....suggestions?

kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Elevator Pitches
"Got a computer problem?Don`t just get advice.Actually get it fixed online by remote control, by thousands of people sharing assistance!TOTALLY FREE.Right here: blank"
How`s that for a pitch?I`m looking for advice,suggestions, and partners on this forum I`m running.Thankyoukidsicle2007-4-7 13:33:7


  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    lol!  Good one! Well, it could help with almost everything
    kidsicle2007-4-1 19:18:38
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    This would be a totally free system, where people are SHARING their assistance. Thats what would set this apart from other services. Therefore, getting paid would not be an issue!
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    Well then how do you explain forums where technical advice is being rendered?
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    You`ve just described what this forum would be  - and it should work just like all the others.
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your response! Firstly, I still maintain that a reputation/rating system for users/assistants would be an effective security measure (though imperfect) like it is on Ebay. This has allowed Ebay to be very succesful.Secondly, Microsoft already built alot of security features into Remote Assistance (even more in Vista Remote Assistance) - many settings that can be manipulated to provide safeguards on many levels. This could be explained in the forum for beginners. Remote Assistance is a Microsoft utility - to answer your question about the particular technology. All the forum is doing is contacting you with someone who wants to help by RA. It does not employ any remote technology of its own. After contact has been made, RA sessions are initiated by email or IM.Thirdly, you can supervise the entire session! You can see everything the assistant is doing on your screen. This is a kind of natural protection. It would be kinda difficult to get into personal files while the owner was right there watching!As far as hardware/software support, yes. Hardware could be diagnosed, configured, setup, adjusted, etc by remote. However, physical switches, dipps, cabling would obviously not be adjustable by remote. But atleast one could eliminate soft issues as the problem.You should come to the forum. I`m giving admin privs to people that are contributing in any way!
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes, thats correct, RA is only XP and above (and only on Windows OS as far as I know). But there`s no reason why additional subforums couldn`t be setup specific to other "remote desktop" software for other OS`s (though security issues increase). In fact, I envision dozens of various subforums for all kinds of different situations! But the main forum would definitely focus on Windows RA.
  • kidsiclekidsicle subscriber Posts: 1
    The sites already setup here: livera.editboard.com. If you can post a description of your problem, you could use this  forum. Windows Remote Assistance is made for novices since they`re the ones that need it most. When getting RA, the recipient ("novice") recieves a link in their email or IM. All they have to do is click it and the session begins. The assistant ("expert") takes over from there. There`s essentially nothing to learn! Its already "plug-and-play" user friendly (thankyou Microsoft .No, Im convinced this would be a superior way of getting help. If this thing had millions of users, with a rating system in place like Ebay, it could potentially offer near instant "self-repair"!
    kidsicle2007-4-8 19:10:16
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