StartupNation Home-Based 100 as a marketing opportunity

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I`m certainly looking at my participation in the StartupNation Home-Based 100 as a marketing opportunity.  After setting up my my Jeff Fisher LogoMotives competition page, I created my own ad links in the margins of my blogfolio, on bLog-oMotives and on my Identity Crisis! blog.  I also posted an entry on bLog-oMotives which will be appear many other places, including my Facebook page, as a result of various feeds. The post also appears on my blog.  In addition, I posted a note on the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives Facebook page and a link on my MySpace page.  Links were also posted on several of the forums I visit on a regular basis. All of that took a little over an hour to accomplish. 
Good luck to all who are participating.  Let the games begin!  - J.LogoMotives8/31/2008 5:08 PM


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