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Be prepared for any immediate marketing or promotion opportunity

LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
edited October 2007 in Marketing
You never know how participation in an online site may impact and
promote your business. For some time now I`ve been involved with
Intuit`s (QuickBooks) JumpUp.com online community. My initial thought
was, if you are going to be looking for design business it would make
sense to get involved with a business community. Just before I left for
Italy I was contacted by the marketing director for the site and asked
if I would be interested in participating in a traveling exhibit in
which QuickBooks was rolling out a new, free version of their Simple
Start business software.
They requested my logo, some specific examples of my logo design work
they had seen on my website, a short business statement, a stack of my
business cards, a photo of me at my desk and a copy of my new book Identity Crisis! if
possible. I got everything together as fast as possible - and the HOW
Books marketing department sent off a copy of the book to the company
putting things together. I really didn`t know what to expect.
Yesterday the marketing director sent me some photos from the very
successful and well attended (thousands of people) Seattle event held
this past week. I was invited to the event - but the commute from Italy
would have been a bit much. This week the exhibit will be in Chicago.
Future events will be in New York at Grand Central Terminal and in
Boston. See what was created and read more about the exhibit on bLog-oMotives.
I`m always telling business owners that when they are contacted by a writer,
magazine, newspaper or other possible promotion resource, they need to
drop everything and make whatever is requested happen. I`m certainly
glad I did so in this case!- J.
LogoMotives2007-10-30 9:45:19
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