Seeking advice for women`s denim website

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Hello everyone,
I recently launched a new website (very recently, Feb 18th to be exact). Its goal is to recommend denim jeans to women based off of their body types. Most fashion mags come out with a denim guide every year that addresses this, so my goal was to try to make my site into a one-stop-shop for which they can get the recommendation and then buy the jeans too.
I have had over 950 visits thus far and users are viewing an average of about 7 pages/visit, but I`ve only yielded a couple of sales so far. I know it takes users a few visits to trust a site enough to buy, but geez, I really would`ve thought that my sales would better reflect the viewership. So, that leads me to wonder - what is it about my site that fails to close the sale? 
Also, if anyone has any good marketing advice, I would love to hear it. So far, I have sent out press releases, e-newsletters, and am looking into some reasonably-priced banner ads on fashion blogs/newsletters, but as I`m sure every small business owner on a tight budget knows, cost-effective marketing is key.
Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing your advice!
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