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Ability to Use Credit Cards Everywhere You Go

JeanMcDanielsJeanMcDaniels subscriber Posts: 2
when I started my quick mart business years ago, the vast majority of my customers paid with cash. Some used personal checks, but mostly they preferred to pay with actual paper money. I noticed that changing in the past 10 years or so, and more and more customers wanted to pay with credit cards.
by the time I left with quick mart to start my own food truck business specializing in burritos, nearly all of my customers were reaching for the plastic when it was time to pay for their food. I wasn't really prepared for this at first, and long lines started to form because I could not process their payment fast enough. Now I use PayMeSecure to get them away from the register more quickly, and it seems like even more customers want to use credit cards when they learn how safe and secure the service is.
I am starting to use credit cards even more now, too. In the past, when I traveled to Mexico to get inspiration for my menu, it was such pain to exchange pesos for the trip. Now, I just remember to pack my credit card!
Do you find yourself using credit card more often, especially when travelling? Business owners, do most of your customers pay using cards now?
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