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Need advice...I'm developing a business platform.

jcparker1jcparker1 subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2011 in Business Planning

I have been planning a platform that will support engineers, architects and professional designers of the sort. So many of my colleagues have expressed to me their disdain for the status quo at brick and mortar firms. I feel like I have the capability to develop something new, something entirely different which will address the concerns of "the profession" as well as the degradation of our current working environments.
My dream is to develop influence without the traditional corporate structure. Teams of motivated professionals working collaboratively across the country/world, utilizing the power of distributed design and virtual support. Each "node" will be able to be self-supporting within their particular region. With the collective experience across our network we will be able to cost efficiently deliver to our clients and impress them with the power of our fundamentally new business structure.
The goal is to develop a network of professionals in such a way that allows individuals in each of their respective trades to work collaboratively on any given project. Everyone can be afforded the opportunity to work at places of their choosing utilizing support from mobile and virtual offices. I don't want to dwell too much with the hierarchy of the company since it is not really that important at this stage, but basically it will be structured such that regional teams will approach projects in their locales and request the services they need from the network. As a foundation we will obviously need responsible leaders in these strategic regions to secure new work / support existing clients, but our network will take over to share ideas and generate deliverables. Here is where it is important to note the value of the platform I am developing. Its ancillary role is to measure work. Think of this as the definitive way to actually reward people for their individual effort. As career PROFESSIONALS we all ought to be compensated fairly for our work. Instead, in today's market we receive a pittance of overall profits which are distributed solely based on corporate hierarchy. It is due to this fact that the smartest of us leave the profession or move into management roles for better pay. I believe a well-crafted platform will allow ingenuity and critical thinking to be heralded as a pinnacle of our trades once again. Ultimately we all should be afforded the opportunity make a great living while being able to do what we love.
I need help...where can I find...

Capital ... There are plenty of options listed on Crunch Base but don't know where to start. Where can I find likeminded support?
Developers ... Virtual systems to collaborate establish roles and workflow are already fairly well developed. The platform will be similar to Convofy but it has to include a web application as well as desktop/device based solutions. We will also need a much more tailored solution to support heavy network traffic especially in support of CAD design flow. Technology systems with be the backbone of this platform so their stability and security needs to be paramount!
Legal advice ... Practicing the "profession" is careful compliance of a complex network of laws and industry specific regulations. We will need guidelines for general compliance that will allow the company to create teams in such a way that all requirements will be met.
General business advice ... This idea is bigger than any single person. We necessarily will need operating, financial, administrative assistance, etc. Who has great connections? Any advice is more than welcome!
Industry support ... Those of you in the construction trades, project managers, developers, homebuilders, realtors, manufacturers, etc ... Please give us some insight into things we can build into this project to make your lives easier. If we are going to be competitive we need the support of those whom we will be working with every day.


  • RitchieRitchie subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there,
    There are a dime a dozen crews in market for SMS. The most reliable service my friend is using is Txt2get. It is global and will not mess with your privacy. They have the most robust platforms and the most extensive networks. They also prefer to deal with companies sending large volumes, so I don't know if you qualify. If you want to send small volumes, then you can too use its trial pack.Let me know if you want a quote from that company,and in what countries you expect your messages to terminate. Some markets are quite tricky when facilitating 2-way SMS. Hope that helps.Regards,Ritchie Blackmore

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