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Hi Everyone!
I asked for a review almost a year guys gave me some GREAT advice...since then I have revamped the site, re-branded with a new domain name this past May and have worked on SEO. (The previous domain was you can see how bad that was!)
80% of my traffic as per google analytics comes from organic searches, so people are getting to me with keywords, which means I got what they are looking for!!! YEAH
They are on the site looking around..I have an average time on site of almost 7 minutes....YEAH.....
I get almost 300 unique visitors PER DAY with almost 1,000 page views....YEAH....
I see people put items in their cart then go away....BOOO.....
I average 1-2 sales per day right now, much higher at holiday has definitely been more consistent than in the past which I am happy about but why am I getting so many direct visitors with a lack of sales from these visitors.
My prices are in line with competitors, I have flat rate shipping of $6.95....
My items are unique and hard to find, some even exclusive to us....
So what do you guys think I need to do to increase the conversion rate of my visitors? I have read every article and book I can find and I cannot "get it" for the life of me. My main competition is a major site owned by a billion dollar company they do several million in sales a year....I just want 1% of that!!!!
Any and ALL suggestions are welcome...I can take it...I WANT this to succeed and I am hoping to get investors early next year so I need to get this to the next level....
thanks in advance for your time and help..http://www.ilovephotogifts.comjcaren8/12/2008 12:34 PM


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    I just took a quick peek. Two things I noticed:
    (1) when I go to check out a security message appears saying I`m going to a page that has some secure and not secure parts.... that could be why some people are abandoning their shopping cart.  I`m not sure what version of ZenCart you`re using, but the latest version 1.38a has an added security feature that sends a code, if the store template you`re using may just need a little tweak to fix that security message.
    (2) The product page for "sliding photo frame ( ... cts_id=259 ) Has some words cut off (in IE6). This happens on some other products too.
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