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Would you buy from here?

jcarenjcaren subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
I just redesigned my website and officially launched it 4 months ago. I have come up pretty quickly in google for many of my targeted keywords so I am getting pretty good traffic based ont hose keywords, but I feel like my conversaion rate is not where it should be....I get about 80-100 unique visitors a day but right now only generate about 5-7 sales a week.
I will be implementing a lot of traffic generating ideas in the next few weeks including article submissions, blog submissions and such so I would like a review to determine if there is a reason that targeted traffic is not actually purchasing from me that I am not seeing?!?!
I have absolutely no background in web design, but am proud to say I did this entirely myself!!!
The website is www.expressionsphotostore.net
I am tough so please don`t hold back!!!!   jcaren2/23/2008 7:30 PM


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Good looking site ..... well done.I think you should add info about secure shopping. Also, not knowing what other sites cost for comparable items/services, maybe offer some type of comparison or or information that shows you offer a better value than your competitors.
  • jcarenjcaren subscriber Posts: 3
    thanks for the responses!  Craig, I am intrigues because I really put a LOT of thought into the customer aspect of shopping. Granted, I think men and women shop quite differently online..but your feedback if helpful and appreciated. I have a couple of questions in regards to your response...
    You mentioned if you wanted to buy a keychain it would not be easy to do? The search box function is right at the top of the page.....did you miss it or do you not want to use it?  (NOT being controversial or difficult....this is just VERY helpful to me!!) 
    As far as the category list...I did have it collapsed into major categories...but then felt it would be more helpful if they can just see all the subcategories at first glance....because we offer such unique things I felt this would be better....you think it is too much?
    I am really confused about the "logic part".....if someone comes to my site through a search for "photo purses"....they come to the site...see link to photo purses on the left and select the one that they want....how can I simplify that?!?!
    Please know that I am not taking anything personally and just want to really `get" all the feedback I receive.....I want the site to be easy and not confusing....
    and since part of my marketing plan is to men this year for gifts for the wives I really want to make it easy for men as well!!!
    Thanks so much!
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