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How much better can it get than this?

eGurueGuru subscriber Posts: 7
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
This site was launched just under a year ago and is making a ton of noise in the world of Designer Fragrances (a $25Billion industry in North America).
Basically the business carries over 1,000 different kinds of Designer Fragrances and allows individuals like you and I to buy items at wholesale prices without having to buy in wholesale quantities.  There are many small mom/pop retailers that buy from us and resell in their stores as well.
I welcome the challenge to find another Designer Fragrance merchant that caters these name brands at prices like ours.  We have researched all over and have not found any.
We are asking you, our loyal customers, to spend time on the site and tell us where we can make improvements.  Please discuss your suggestions, what you would like to see added/changed, additional features, etc.
We will see to it that your thoughts count in us making our business decisions to continue to serve you.


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    eGurueGuru subscriber Posts: 7
    The floor is indeed open for questions.  I can definitely provide a little insight on what I know?
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    How do you get so many links on google. I could  use some online marketing ideas!
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    eGurueGuru subscriber Posts: 7
    hi there,
    i will tell you nothing new, but i will tell you that there are different degrees and extents to which each one can do these.  it`s just a matter or having the time and resources to do it and knowing what you are doing.
    so to name a few ways:
    organic link building through seo - search engine optimization must be inherent in your site infrastructure.  there are firms that charge thousands of dollars monthly to do this.
    inbound linking is very important - linking with similar but non competing sites.  google loves this one and gives it high points
    blogging/having people talk about you in bulletins and forums like here
    article submission to sites (i.e. ezine) - make sure the content is solid
    google PPC and yahoo overtures - this is only if you have a eCommerce site (in my opinion at least as it is hard to correlate the amount per click to the advertising exposure you get - although you can definitely measure traffic)
    sem (search engine marketing) - promos, online magazines, journals and press releases. the key here is simple - let one find out and they will do the work for you and make it spread like rain
    the above are a few starters that you should def consider. once accomplished in those areas explore new ones.  that is the fun part about eCommerce and getting high up on engines...its simply fun work.
    Hope that helps
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