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Hi all - I am very excited to get to spend more time on this site and find all there is to find. It almost seems overwhelming to me right now so if there is any type of guidance on... where to go from here, that would be great. We are a fairly new company that is somewhat seasonal and are currently doing what we can to stay afloat until spring. However, even in this slow time we have just acquired the rights to a new territory which gives us a total of 47 counties we can service. That`s over 2/3 of the state of Virginia. Needless to say I am just a little excited about this. We are NoVa Barrier Waterproofing Systems. I run the company for my father-in-law, Rick Steeby, who owns it. He is in Springfield, VA and I am in Stephens City, VA near Winchester. If there`s anyone from our area on here, look us up. We`ll do lunch! Thanks to all. I look forward to meeting/speaking with many of you, learning what I can learn from you, and hopefully give back to the SuN community somehow.
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