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Wholesale help

jbres27jbres27 Posts: 1subscriber
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
I`m in the process of launching my website, and I was wondering, do I need a license to sell wholesale to other businesses?
Or, is it on their end, since they are purchasing a large amount from me, are they the ones who will need the license?


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer Posts: 7subscriber
    Hello Jamie!
    You should be able to go to your State`s govnt website to find this out.  Here in SC you need a retail license only if you are selling to an end user.  There is a "wholesalers" license however and that just lets YOU purchase w/o paying sales tax on items.  Also your local SBDC or SBA will have all this info handy.
  • spungeyspungey Posts: 2subscriber
    In Oregon, it all depends on whether your "business" (at home, I presume) is in the city or in the county, and whether you made an LLC or remained a proprieter, or something else.   If you`re in Oregon you`d probably get great answers from your local Chamber of Commerce and the county clerk.  (Our clerks here do *everything* from passports to land taxes to paperwork to business to ... )
  • tommyjeanstommyjeans Posts: 4subscriber
    You need a business license and reseller`s permit if you are planning to sell a physical product
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