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New from long island new york

JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2008 in New Member Welcome
Im new to this site im 21yrs old and am in the process of brainstorming to start up a huge business with one of my friends. We are in the beginning stages and i stumbled across this website and thought to my self this can do nothing but help our progress. We are looking into various businesses to open including day care being the biggest. When i get more settled in on this site i will be sure to post alot of questions and get you guys input..


  • JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks alot man, yeah that was one of my fears a stolen idea...basically we want to open a day care/recreational facility for children with a lot more to that.We are just organizing the ideas and trying to see what the next step is..Thanks for the welcome man i will definatly get more specific as soon as we progress on our project because right now its just a bunch of notes and brain storming....
  • JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
    If you guys can assist me i`d be very appreciative.  As stated in my first post I am in the process of working on a recreational/day care facility for children with a friend and I want to spend much more time on this project. It is a tough task fitting time in for this being that I work Monday through Friday 3pm-11pm. This leaves me only the weekend to work on my project. I feel as this should be my number one priority being that i envision lots of income and am very passionate about doing it.  What my real quesiton is are there any online/stay at home jobs out there that I can start within a short period of time that can bring me a livable income now so that I can further more be at home for the day and have more time to work on my business? I know there is a section for this and i actually found something interesting yesterday but can no longer find that post. Also note livable for you guys and myself can be very different as i live at home and dont really have any bills. Any input will be appreciated.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi.. I am a native Long islanders...Ronkonkoma..Nice to have you here!!
  • JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig thanks for the input man all is definately true..I currently work as a direct support professional with the mentaly challenged, and that requires lots of the same things child care requires so i think that part is on my side...Im just really anxious and dont want any opportunity to slip away..I dont want to lose the juice or passion by getting caught up with other things I want to stay aggressive. My current job is stress free and great but time consuming I really like it alot but i know with my talents and interests that its only a matter of time that I reach my full potential. PS you are very imformative i am going to jot down alot of what you wrote as it is great info.

    Stonesledge: Hi how are you? Im just glad to be part of this great community.  
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I am great!! How are you?? Pay attention to Craig.. he gives very good advice.
  • JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes I realize this.. I am blessed to have fallin upon this site and these great people.
  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello, from Virginia! Welcome to StartUpNation... I have only been here a short while and already I have been introduced to quite a few of you and your startup companies... I have just had a very good time...
    Presently I sought the counsel of SCORE in some of my business afairs and the generation of a business plan was of course part of that advice and when score speaks people listen... I am also seeking an Angel backer... GetSmartMoodle.org is participating in new startup ventures in several different areas - just joined BASES, MIT tech..., younoodle, and several other startup and seasoned organizations in order to put out the word that Getsmartmoodle.org exists... Blogging and the such as well as some really wonderful sites that make mass blogging easier... Advertising Graphic Arts was a major interest and informing others is great fun...
    So as we all startup with our ideas, prototypes, websites, blogs - just enjoy what you are doing and have fun... as I am having a great time with Getsmartmoodle.org and its development... Come join in the fun... that is where the learning begins...
    Warmest Wishes..
    Jennie / founder / CEO getsmartmoodle.org
  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    hello everyone,
    its a great day today - I have been working through the night on my site and networking - I was approached this morning by a developer out of India that wanted to work with me on this site... It may not happen but the exposure of the business and startup sites is very informative and exciting - realizing that not every approach is going to work and that GetSmartMoodle.org has a long way to go... but GetSmartMoodle.org did get approved on the linkedin.com network as a group... http://www.linkedin.com/groupsDirectory ... 7869968697 - half the battle is just getting up in the morning ...
    it will be slow but it will happen... something is bound to happen...
    Warmest Wishes...
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Great News!!
    Good for you!! I love the name, even!!
  • JBoldenJBolden subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info guys I will look into all of it because i am very motivated about pursuing this I am also looking at franchises I am open to any idea.. 
  • YourSecretSenderYourSecretSender subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello..welcome! I was born and raised in Staten Island New York!
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