Recruting Agency Startup Advice

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I am currently in a traditional job in I.T. with a focus on Human Resource systems.  I am dying to start something on my own that will allow me more people time and less computer time.  I have a knack for helping folks fiind jobs and beef up their resume.I have been working with a career coach for about 10 weeks.  We have been able to determine I have a strong passion for recruiting and dovetailed with that is career coaching.  I would like to start my own recruiting agency, but I don`t have the "formal background" to do so.   I am looking for advice on getting started.  I am also wanting to bring my wife into the business.  She is an accountant.  I believe we could handle I.T., Human Resources, and Accounting recruiting.  My questions are:1.  What is the best approach to finding "customers"?  Although I consider job-seekers  as "customers", in this case I am defining customers as businesses that will pay for this service.  What approach would one take to acquire business interest?2.  Would a "home office" be a good fit for this business?  I know there will be quite a bit of initial interviews - although some agencies do not do face-to-face.  Is it professional to meet the interviewee at a coffee house, etc?3.  What are the biggest barriers to entry into this field?  Since my background is in corporate I.T., I am concerned about my background.  However, you never know until you try.Thanks,BigTop"It`s always a circus!"


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