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Customer Support Infrastructure?

javierjavier subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2013 in Business Planning

Hi, I am entrepreneuring into a startup software company and we are currently sketching up ideas to the whole delivery and customer support process.

I am lost specifically on the customer support part. We know we have to offer different levels of customer support for each bundle of software (as a licence or software as a service), We know we will have to dedicate webchat, webtickets, maybe emails, but we dont know how this is achieved on practice and we are looking for a proven working method of doing this.

I am aware that most companies would hire a third party to manage customer support and we will probably end up doing this, but still we have to come up with a proposal of what that infrastructure wwould be like (how many people, if they need any CS software, if we need a 1-800 number etc) right now we have a few clients and the customer support is done by only one person, but as our customer base grows this will be no longer an option.

Can somebody help me with this?

It would be extemely helpful if someone could provide a link where such infrastructure is described either in words or with some graphics.


  • couragemediacouragemedia subscriber Posts: 0
    Integrating social data into the customer support infrastructure won't necessarily revolutionize the customer service organization, but it certainly holds enormous promise for improving the customer experience. It lets companies deliver consistent brand experiences across all touchpoints, while allowing customers to interact with brands according to their own preferences.
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