Question on changing Sole Proprietor to LLC?

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Hi, I currently have a business setup as a Sole Proprietorship in Ohio. I have an EIN setup and am doing business under a ficticous name. It`s time for me to start thinking about some personal liability protection so I would like to create an Ohio LLC and continue to do business under the same name I am using now. Here`s my questions on getting this done:
1. According to the IRS website it sounds like I can continue to use the same EIN since this will be a one owner LLC using pass thru taxing. What form needs filed to change the business structure to the LLC?
2. For my DBA registration, do I just refile it as a LLC instead of a Sole Proprietorship?
Am I missing anything else here? Basically I just want to create XYZ LLC and continue to do business under the ABC name I currently use.


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