Graphic/web Design services for Home Stagers?

jennn721jennn721 subscriber Posts: 2
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Do home staging professionals/consultants have a substantial use for
graphic/web design services? I`m thinking of creating a niche graphic/web
design agency that focuses on creating collateral (biz cards, post cards,
websites, brochures, presentations, etc...) for staging professionals. I`m not
sure if there is a market for it though. Should I include advertising services
as well?

This is just a rough idea but any opinions would be great!


  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    I really cant add anything to Matt comments, but the demand is a fake demand because the businesses and professionals are not willing to pay you for your services.  So they are basically going to try and get your services for free.
  • jennn721jennn721 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the responses guys. I e-mailed some home staging professionals
    and pretty much came to the same conclusion as you both did. There`s
    definitely not a demand for it. Thanks for the help!
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