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new small business organisation! tell me what you think!

jannajjannaj subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
Hi there StartupNation!I`m new to the site and an employee at the International Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (IFoSME).  IFoSME is a brand-new organisation founded with the goal of eventually becoming a voice for small businesses everywhere.  We also hope to build an international network of small businesses to make it easier for them to share ideas and be successful in the global business environment.  We have an International Business Directory, where everyone can sign up to have their business listed for free, and we also offer a bunch of other services (many still in development).Please visit our site at www.ifosme.organd tell me here or using the contact form on the site what you think!  This organisation was founded for YOU, small businesses everywhere, and we need feedback to make sure we are providing you with the services you need the most.Thanks a lot!!  Good luck with your business ventures, whatever they may be!
jannaj2007-2-23 4:29:28


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    NancysmithNancysmith subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi, since you asked for feedback here it goes. It lacks color and is a bit boring, give it some life! I hope that you know I am not being rude, I am just being honest.
    now it is your turn to dog on me, but be honest!
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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I think it is great. Clean and classy! Great JOB!
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    DanaeDanae subscriber Posts: 5
    Your acronym is funny.  I pronounced it "I Fo Smee." Then I thought, "Smee is the pirate in Peter Pan."  I clicked your link and started looking over your website.  Then I thought, "I Fo Smee" sounds like "I`m For Smee."  Like you`re supporting him in an election.  And unfortunately, the content of your website did not draw me away from this creative path my mind was going on. 
    More directly, what I`m saying is that nothing on your main page grabbed me, other than the funny acronym.  Right under the Welcome line, you start talking about two kinds of membership, and I`m thinking, "Why do I want to know about membership?  I don`t even really know what this IS yet."  I couldn`t bring myself to read the rest of the page.  I tried glancing through the bulleted list, but the language seemed jargony, and I`m thinking, "So what? What is an international network going to do for me?" 
    What you need to do is talk about benefits, not features.  What do these things do for me?  How does this help me?  Make the main benefit in big bold letters and simple words so I can`t mistake the message or overlook it.  Something like "Do global business like the big boys," maybe.  I get that general idea from your post above.
    I think the design and look of your website is nice and appropriate to what you have going on, though.
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