Yet another marketing question...this time about PR

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Sorry that I keep revisiting marketing topics, but in my personal opinion it is the foundation of every business. It is the absolute most important aspect of building a business. I would even go on to say it`s more important and more urgent than funding (which don`t get me wrong, is an important challenge also).
I have ran across several articles and websites on the internet about PR and getting free publicity through the press using mediums such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc. The problem is, I can`t find exactly how to do this. I found George McKenzie to be quite interesting as he has several ezines and articles about the subject. He also has a website,</A> , that sells CD`s, audios and such for $147. I was curious to buy it until I found out the price. I don`t know...I guess I`m cheap.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has bought this program? Or BETTER YET, does anyone know the fundamentals of getting free media coverage? How do you go about this? I know I should write a press release, but what else?
Thanks for all your help!


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