Best and Most Effective Form of Advertising?



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    Hi Janet,One suggestion I would like to offer is the effectiveness of Tips or Advice Sheets.Computers being so versatile and easily manipulated to suit anyone`s needs, also offer a lot of room for instability and just general confusion.So how about offering a "Things To Do ..." or "Top 10 Tips ..." list?It offers useful advice and establishes you as an expert in your field. These are items people are likely to hold on to and look at periodically for useful information.
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    Thanks to everyone so far who has responded. I truly do appreciate all of your insights even if I didn`t get a chance to respond to them all individually (ironically we have had a lot of calls this week for service). Maybe we`re creating good karma here for Dr. Geek!
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    One suggestion I would like to offer is the effectiveness of Tips or Advice Sheets.Take a page from Kim Komando and her e-book on CD about 50 Tips for this or that. Dr. Geek could offer a free CD or downloadable PDF file: "20 Easy Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Computer."Or make it mail-order/phone call specific. "Call this 800 number for a Free guide to keeping your PC healthy." Something like that? The label for the disk would have the "face" of Dr. Geek, the tagline, phone number, and URLPlus, of course, you`d have a database of potential customers. .
     Another thing to add to the list... THANKS
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    Look at AIM studies. These studies tell exactly what percentage of the population use the type of advertising medium you are looking to try.  I will give you an example:  For your type of business computer service/repair.  Catalogs 1%; Coupons 3%; Direct Mail 15%; Newspapers 9%; Magazines 1%; TV 3%; Radio 2%; Online Internet Services 19%; Internet Yellow Pages 5%; and Yellow Pages 24%.  If you need to know how many people are searching using the internet in your exact area let me know and I will pull up the statistics.  Try going to and see who your competition is in your area.
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    I just listed us in the upcoming yellow pages book set to come out June 18 and we are already searchable on, so it looks like these will be a good investment. Mike, it would be great if you could pull up the statistics for Denver/Boulder!
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