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New website for a new twist on an old idea.

handycartmanhandycartman subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
Hello, I have my new website up and running. I know it`s very basic but let me know what you think of the concept and the sales pitch. Thanks James


  • handycartmanhandycartman subscriber Posts: 1
    Steve, thanks for the advise. I have separated the pages out like you
    suggested, it is much better that way. The reason for no lid is because people seem to heap up groceries far above the lip of the basket until they are rolling off. They can use an inexpensive cargo net or tarp to contain the groceries while in transit if they wish. Maybe I can up-sell them one! Thanks, JT
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I would get out of free hosting. This is hysterical, I was just mentioning to my husband the other day while watching an invention show that someone should make your exact product.............This is way cool!!!! I said that i already have a cart on wheels, b/c my house is a long stretch from driveway and my kitchen is about 1000 feet into entrance of house...does it do stairs? I have a few stairways to get to kitchen?? I almost made my husband make me some kind of rolling system you see in factories. it sure gives me a workout. i do agree, if it will stay outside, then it neds a lid. I have a heart attack when ever my husband takes us on trips with his truck and either with gifts or xmas stuff or stuff we bought on a trip left in the back of truck...the whole time i am worrying that we will lose some thing. Also it is legal to drive with one of these contaptions right. I think it is neat though, maybe would like it to go in the back of my minivan though?? Awesome product and the web site is able to afford a designer budget I would think about that. A great product should shine on a web page!!
  • handycartmanhandycartman subscriber Posts: 1
    The cart is not collapsible, it is a standard shopping cart that has been modified for easy connection to a carrier device connected to your vehicles receiver hitch. If you wanted too you could advertise your business while you shop or while driving around town. There are plenty of extra photos on the second webpage for a clearer idea of how it works.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I`ll not comment on the product except that I would never use one.But you asked for critique of the web site, not the product.Do not use center-justified text for everything.  It may look good on your screen, but it will look like crap on some others.  Especially if their screen size is smaller than yours.The link labeled: "HERE to see more photos and get more info" takes me to an order page with the form floating at the top of the page.I am REALLY confused what you are offering the business owner.  You want to sell them a cart AND charge them for advertising on the cart they bought?  I don`t think it works that way.Finally, your text suffers from poor grammar, passive voice, run-on sentences, nonsensical fragments and significant punctuation errors.For example:"
    Other local companies pay thousands of dollars a year to advertise on shopping carts, You can use your Personal Handy Cart
    System to advertise your business for pennies each day while your out driving around town running
    errands or making deliveries, plus while your grocery shopping!"I count at least seven errors in this text.
  • handycartmanhandycartman subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the advise, I will get to work corrected the grammer and do some editing. I`ll add some buttons also. The over floating order form is only an issue with firefox. I need to get my code firefox friendly. The business owners pay a one time fee for advertising. I am basically giving them the cart system for free with the ad purchase. The consumers are buying the cart system without any ads. Thanks again for the advise.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    The business owners pay a one time fee for advertising. Then you need to either get rid of the "$100 per year" or explain it better.I think that you are missing something here.  Why in the world would anyone OWN shopping carts and also pay for advertising on them?If I did have a store and I did buy some shopping carts, I would also buy those $5 plastic frames and let other businesses PAY ME to advertise on my carts.If I am reading your advertising model wrong, then you need to do a much better job of explaining it.
  • handycartmanhandycartman subscriber Posts: 1
    The $100 a year is just an average figure of the total cost $499 divided by five years, the expected life of the cart.
    The pricing structure is really simple, the carts without advertising cost 299 and the carts with advertising cost 499. If the business owners want to buy the carts for 299 and make and produce their own signs that`s fine with me. The extra 200 cost is for my company to produce the four signs and attach them to the carts. 
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Don`t explain it to me, explain it to your customers on the site.  The pricing structure may be simple to you, but if it`s unclear to me then it`s likely to be unclear to other people.
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