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Coastal Comperized Information Service overall look at website

lee53lee53 subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2009 in Website Critique
Hello everyone,
My websit is at www.ccis.web.officelive.com, I am looking for an overall critiqueing of my website so that I may find out what is missing and why I have only lookers and no one will ask for an information search.
I am an Information Consultant with experise in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  After years of people looking at me and deciding that I wasn`t sick, I decided to educate people on the effects of Fibromyaglia and what it does to the person with it and their families and friends.  I do more than searches on health issues, I have found missing relatives, helped with filing a divorce (getting the correct papers and filing them at the right times), found appliance booklets when there wasn`t any and so many more things.
CCIS stands for Coastal Compterized Information Services.  For over 15 years I have helped friends and family look for information on the Internet and decided to start my business two years ago.  My main goal is to help people get the information they need to make a concious decision in every aspect their life.  I research, gather the relavent information, sort and put into a report form with sources.
Microsoft Office provided the templets and I picked from them.  The layout and colors are my choice.
lee537/13/2009 12:35 PM


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    "I am ... I will .... I abide .... I am .... my goal ...." .... not to sound rude, but you have to make you, and what you do, secondary to what your potential customers get from you .... your visitors will have the attitude of "What`s in it for me" first, and worry about how you accomplish that after they determine that you can actually help them .... when customers see what you`re capable of actually offering them, they can get the idea of what you can do from that .... make sense? I would suggest a bulleted list of the areas and materials you can and do look into, so I know upfront that you can be a benefit to me. And make it prominent on the main page; sell me on what I get out of it as soon as I get to your site.
    And even though you can find information I want, again make it prominent why it`s better for you to track it down than for me to do it myself.
    When you last modified your page isn`t useful for your visitors.
    "Helpful Information", "Fibromyalgia Information", "Information E-Books" .... although there is a market for these areas online, they don`t fit the overall scheme of what you do .... it seems that they are more personal interests to you, not part of a general "Let me find information for you" scheme .... I`m not knocking what you have gone through personally, but rather admire people that manage to overcome major obstacles in their life .... personally I think these areas should be dropped, or less prominent on this site, or perhaps state more specifically that you specialize in these areas if you actually do .... perhaps setting up a totally different site to cover these areas would be an option.
    Typos .... too many of them .... you need to do some proofreading.
    Your newsletter should be easier to find and sign up for .... right on the front page .... and it should tell the visitor what it will include and why they would benefit from receiving it.
    "Project Request form" .... why not make it available on the site and avoid a step for potential customers to take in contacting you?
    "In the event that you do not have a computer," .... since this is online, you may not need this line.
    Just a few suggestions and opinions ....
    As far as SEO ... well, it`s Office Live, maybe not much you can do about it .... 
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    lee53lee53 subscriber Posts: 2
    I just wanted to say thank you for your opinion and suggestions.  I am going to make the changes you have suggested.  As for "Helpful Information", "Fibromyalgia Information", and "Information E-Books", should I remove them completely? 
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    lee53lee53 subscriber Posts: 2
    I have read so much about finding a niche to market that I lost focus on what I actually want to do with my website.  I am offering a service to consumers who need information, but my passion is health issues and alternative treatments.  I want consumers to come to me for their information needs whether it is for health issues and treatments or finding information on what to do when their dog is attacked by other dogs.  I feel that we need to arm ourselves with information to fight the battles that life throws at us. 
    Thank all of you for your opinions and suggestions. 
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    lee53lee53 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you.
    That is a great idea! 
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