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eBay market saturation.

cinnamondonutscinnamondonuts subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Marketing
Is it just me or has the current eBay market become saturated with the sales of most of the more common products we all use everyday?


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    eBay is one of the place I always check as an alternative to bricks and mortar shopping.
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    I usually only use Ebay for items I dont want to pay full price for. Perfect example: my plastic fairings on my motorcycle are about 300$ plus for each piece, on ebay I can get them for about 50$. Now for just about everything else, I use craigslist.org. It`s free and local pickup so I dont get hammered by ridiculous shipping rates.
    I think the larger problem with Ebay is that just about everyone has a store there and that means tons and tons and tons of products that saturated the market. I still think you have an oportunity to make money there but not nearly as easy as before. I actually like the fact I can find just about anything there, its convienient (sp).
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I like to go there once in a while to add to a collection or to buy my daughter boutique style clothes, I have a hard time finding.
  • cinnamondonutscinnamondonuts subscriber Posts: 1
    I have never used it and it seems so "has been" to me already, from the sellers point of view that is! Finding a niche will definantly help but what in the world is that going to be? I don`t know but I`m certain their out there...
  • cinnamondonutscinnamondonuts subscriber Posts: 1
    Your right. The prices are awesome which makes it a exceptional place to shop.
    I sat down today and asked myself if it was possible to make net sales of 15k -25k per year on eBay your first time out and at first I said "yeah, thats possible. That really isn`t that much money". Then I saw the competition, read a few articles, and was not convinced. I was considering doing this for a living however now I`m not. I need to do more research.
  • cinnamondonutscinnamondonuts subscriber Posts: 1
    I like that name, "girls with Goals"... Its catchy and easy to remember. Like the website also... Looks easy to find your way around.
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