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Should I quit my day job?

kcjackiekcjackie subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
I am an artist, intent on the goal to one day creat art for money... That one day soon, creating art will be my day job. I am in the medical field now and feel like a caged animal. I am enjoying my new line of drawings done at my desk titled "Parole letters" little still lifes I do that keep my hope hanging on. As far as quotos, Im exceeding them,at my current position, but with no personal satisfaction, I would rather make less money and create art, than be rich doing the 8-5 drudgery
visit my site please...www.jackiegrawe.comkcjackie2007-5-17 19:46:2


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    kcjackiekcjackie subscriber Posts: 1
    my web page address is www.jackiegrawe.com</A> kcjackie2007-5-17 19:54:14
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    ZaiZai subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree with Craig - sell your art, make money then quit the job.
    Your portraits are great by the way, - and going commercial with these will bring in the money.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    I like your work. Have you considered doing art fairs? Many small and
    larger cities in the Detroit area (Birmingham, Ann Arbor, etc.) have
    art fairs. If such a thing exists in your area you could start there.

    Another option is to choose a part of the country where you would like
    to live (a tourist destination), relocate there and set up a gallery or
    exhibit in an existing gallery.

    Here`s an idea! You`re not too far from Chicago. Do a series of prints about Frank Lloyd Wright and
    details of Prairie Style architecture. Find out when they will have house tours
    and go to Oak Park, IL to sell them. You could make a bundle.

    You should start a blog about your work, your beliefs, your life. From
    your brief bio it sounds like you have plenty to write about.

    Steve2007-5-18 11:7:51
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