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PLEASE CRITIQUE MY SITE foggythecloud.com

foggyfoggy subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
PLEASE CRITIQUE MY SITE. foggythecloud.com  Thanks. foggy


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    The primary question I have is review for what - with the best possible intentions, I would point everyone in the direction of two great topics started on "how to get a good critique" (hint: takes more than simply saying - critique my website):from hdeanand from iouone2
  • 337design337design subscriber Posts: 3
    I bet you have a cool story behind the whole purpose of the Foggy character and the idea for the website.  You should write up a quick intro detailing your story and what compelled you to create the site and the CD`s.  Put that on your homepage for sure.
  • SEOExpertSEOExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    I think if you follow some of the advice above you`ll be a lot better.  Not to hurt your feelings but I think your site could benefit from some professional help.  I imagine you did it yourself and, for a first effort, it`s ok.  Since you`re trying to sell music, i`d compare your site to some of the other musicians/etc. sites.  If necessary, I`d consider hiring someone who designs sites profesionally to work in it some.  If you went to elance.com (or maybe through sun) you might be able to find someone who would do it inexpensively.
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