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New Site Critique Please!

JVbytheSeaJVbytheSea subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2008 in Website Critique
At www.MyIslandArt.com we are an online gallery specializing in Caribbean and Island-Themed art.  I have finally completed loading my catalog content and the site is now fully uploaded.  Working with the templated table format presented some challenges to say the least.  I would appreciate any of your expert opinions as to it`s layout, design, and effectiveness.  I will now begin the marketing side and working to improve page position.  Thanks in advance.
JVbytheSea6/11/2008 1:03 PM


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    JVbytheSeaJVbytheSea subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks guys for the help.  I read your evaaluations and quickly ran to the site with fire extinguisher in hand.  I`ve made some of the adjustments already starting with the heavy legal baggage.  I will make the other adjustments as I believe all the evaluations were valid.  Adjusting the banner image will probably be the most difficult.  I think the image software compressed the file and quality suffered as a result.  This was just the type of insight I needed.  Thanks again.
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    SpeedJunkyzSpeedJunkyz subscriber Posts: 2
    I think the coloring is really nive as well as the overall composition !
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    JVbytheSeaJVbytheSea subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig.  I wanted to originally do just what you suggested with the artist`s bio, but I can only link to a page, not a specific position on the page...at least I believe that to be the case.  I`ll revisit the subject. 
    Thanks to all for the valuable feeback I was given.  Revising Titles, revamping banner graphics, image stock, policy omissions, etc. are all easy fixes.  I`m encouraged to see the result wasn`t "trash the site and start from scratch".  This has been an encouraging process for me.
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