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DIY or use a Pro to create your web site

JusOlAlJusOlAl subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in Thought Leadership
There is one big advantage  in  creating your own web site but it does involve using a good soft ware program such as Front Page or Dreamweaver.  They are a little daunting at first but worth it if you want a  web site that looks different .  Typically, in my opinion, most Pros will produce a site that looks like the sites all Pros create.If your site needs a different touch that is not so commercial looking consider doing it yourself.  I produced my site, www.oldeworldelace.com, using Front Page.  In my opinion it definitely does not look cookie cutter.  I felt that I had to do this in order to create a warmer more inviting look than most commercial sites.  Because I have the time to develop the OEM benefits myself  I am also able to come up on the generic first page of all major search engines for the keyword "lace curtains".  That would be very expensive through a Pro.  You should consider DIY.


  • JusOlAlJusOlAl subscriber Posts: 2
    After reading your reply I think I owe you an apology.  I certainly did not mean that a Pro uses templates or that they all look alike.  What I meant is that, to me, a lot of sites look a little institutionalized and I believe that an owner can more easily personalize the site to  his or her needs.  If it is a smaller business, which is what Start Up Nation caters to, then a small business budget has to be considered.I probably didn`t totally bail myself out so again I apologize. 
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    FrontPage is just a tool... like Dreamweaver, etc.
    Actually, FrontPage has been replaced by Microsoft Expression, which is much better for coding and more CSS friendly.
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    hummm, step 2 of our 11 steps to a Successful Website:
  • seniorbusinessseniorbusiness subscriber Posts: 1
     I have two sites that were built for me as part of an affiliate program and one that is DIY.  I think the DIY concept is fine but it does require in my opinion two very important things, some working knowledge of how a website site is built and the time to build it effectively.  If you cannot get access to the tools needed to effectively build your site, or if time or lack of it is an issue, having it done for you would probably work best assuming your budget allows for it.
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