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Want to sell through Half.com

azbusinessazbusiness subscriber Posts: 12
edited August 2010 in Selecting a Business
Im looking for a type of product to sell that is not saturated in the market and
is doing ok and can be sold on Half.com and has great margin potential. Once im
pointed in a direction hopefully I can do the rest on my own. Books have
suggested DVD`s, Books or Music, well after doing research I believe this market
is saturated this is something id love to do on Half.com. but wondering if money
can actually be made and ok profits can be made im looking at this as more as a
part time start up for now and later on make it into a full time business. I see
all these sellers and their prices are so low how could I even make it into the
market? Ive seen a few posts about buying direct from a manufacture and many
dropship, this sounds like the best way for me however are dvds purchased direct
cheap enough to actually compete out there on Half.com? I want to market through half.com and have my own website.Thanks in


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