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Trademark Questions

azbusinessazbusiness subscriber Posts: 12
edited September 2011 in Business Planning
So, I am interested in creating a trademark for one of my new companies. The downside is the company name is actually a commonly used phrase. I have questions regarding this. 1) Would I be able to trademark the name? 2) If someone had a domain which was www."trademark"word.com would I be able to send a legal letter to the domain registrar and obtain the domain? 3) Would I be able to pursue legal action of those who use my trademark should I want to? 4) Are trademarks upheld in court? 5) If I only have a trademark in the USA and a company uses the trademark in lets say Canada are they free of the legal burden since I don't have a trademark in canada? 6) Do trademarks have to be renewed annually? Thanks!


  • GaryBarzelGaryBarzel subscriber Posts: 1
    As far as I know you can trademark a phrase as long as you can prove it's a brand. However you need to trademark it for every class; meaning if it's for shirts then it only works for that unless you pay for it to apply to hats as well. Also a trademark only applies in the jurisdiction that it was applied for.
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