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azbusinessazbusiness subscriber Posts: 12
edited September 2011 in Business Planning
I have a business plan, marketing plan litterally pages and pages of planning for a business that I see will be a game changer.
Of course before you go and look for funding you need to demonstrate the product. So I have partnered with a programmer to have this developed. Initially I was quoted a few months however now that things are getting busy for the partner in their career life it is expected to be over a year.
What should I do? This will not take over a year to develop. I am starting to wonder if I should find an investor so I can hire this partner so they can focus on the project a lot better? Should I wait it out, what happens if they simply keep procastinating and it takes several years? It is throwing me because the partner is doing the work however the time to get it done has been extended further out. Should I find another developer and build a new partnership?What are your recommendations?Thanks!


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    GaryBarzelGaryBarzel subscriber Posts: 1
    You can try to sit down with the programmer and talk to him about the project. Explain to him that you can't wait a year for this to be completed, and if he's able to do it sooner great, if not you may have to partner up with someone else. If he agrees to do it sooner have him sign a contract detailing when exactly it will get done. If he can't agree to do it within a year, you should find someone else, and sign a contract with him before hand so you don't run into the same problem again.
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