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How can I resist getting critiqued?

JusOlAlJusOlAl subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
My site, www.bedspreads-quilts-comforters.com, has only been up for a couple of months and isn`t up high on the search engines yet (24th on Yahoo and not in sight on Google) but I do get visitors.  What I am concerned about is that the ratio of visitors to sales is much too low.  It could be that the product is wrong for the internet but I maybe I could also improve my site to improve sales.  Thanks for any advice.  I am really looking forward to this.Jus Ol Alwww.bedspreads-quilts-comforters.com

JusOlAl2007-7-10 13:42:59


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    aaronserrandsaaronserrands subscriber Posts: 6
    you need to make you URL a link.
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Get rid of the background.  It blends into the text making it hard to read.Also, get rid of the all caps headings - it screams amateur.  Bold and bigger font will do better. (Use the H1, H2 or H3 heading tag)Your guarantee is too one-sided - I wouldn`t buy for that reason alone.  I also won`t buy anything unseen with a restocking fee.  This says, `it will cost more than you will receive in refunds to send it back, so tough patooties.`Some of the grammar needs work and your copy rambles.These two sentences are very confusing (in addition to poor grammar):
    For us to
    maintain competitive pricing there is a $50.00 minimum total order
    We apologize
    but we will charge an additional $10.00 for any order of less
    than $50.00.They should not be underlined because that looks like a link and personally I feel that these two lines are confusing and condescending.  The logic of what they say baffles me.  Are you saying that small orders aren`t worth your time?  Do you *really* incur additional costs for small orders?  And how in the world does a minimum order change your cost basis - "to maintain competitive pricing"?  I don`t mean to pry into your business, but none of this is customer friendly, and I am sure I wouldn`t be treated this poorly on other sites.  The more I look at your site, the less I like it.  On one page you say that you don`t ship out of the US, and on the orders page you say to inquire about shipping outside the US.  When I try to place an order, THE PRICE CHANGES!!!  $30.95 becomes $59.95 ???   $60.95 became $219.95 ???On top of that, your shipping prices are high for Priority Mail and they seem to be arbitrary without regard to shipping weight or distance.If I were shopping for quilts, I would be gone from this site so fast.You also have at least one broken link.  "Continue Shopping" returns a 404 error (page not found).
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member

    The site itself looks nice, works fine, and so forth. But I think this
    isn`t about the technical aspects (although there are some great points
    above). It`s about creating an emotional appeal in your visitors.

    JusOlAl,Perhaps I went too deep in criticizing your site, but in me you have the perspective of someone who *is* currently shopping for furnishings, including quilts.  (We recently moved from California to New England).  I was intrigued by the variety of the selection, but the technical flaws on the site and the one-sided guarantees and policies (not customer friendly by any means) told me loud and clear to shop elsewhere.Steve
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