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Interpreting Stats (Awstats)

advancepaydayadvancepayday subscriber Posts: 2
I`m getting some weird results in Awstats and would be interested in some of you web guys lending your interpretation.  Note: This is NOT regarding the domain advancepayday.biz.1. If you look at the "Hosts" statistics which lists IP, Page, Hits and bandwidth I`m seeing results like 1 hit, 1 visit, 1.27MB bandwidth.  Now there is not a single public file thats over say 500K so how is this happening?  Similarly I`m seeing 3 hit, 3 visit 0kb.2.  Under "Links from an external page (other websites except search engines)" I pulled up at least 10 of the websites that supposedly link to the site none of which did so either they had the link and then removed it or something else is going on.3.  Under "search keyphrases" I would expect to be able to search that particular phrase and see a listing of the site.  Despite going 5 levels deep on at least 6 of the search phrases I can`t find the site.Not that I`m complaining but I`ve had a 428% increase in traffic and am trying to figure out whats causing it.  Note: according to Awstats traffic caused by the following bots is NOT included in the figures above:GooglebotMSNBotInktomi Slurp


  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    1. Web browsers can ask the web server if a page has changed since the last visit. If it hasn`t then it will use a previously cached copy. This registers a hit but no traffic (hence 0kb).2. It`s almost certainly spam. There are bots that visit websites for the sole purpose of getting a certain site listed as the referrer in your web stats. People then follow the link from the stats to see who is linking to them generating real traffic for the spammer.3. It`s possible you were only temporarily in the first few pages but what I`ve found is that local versions of the search engines return different results. For example: I had a site that was on page 2 for yahoo.com.au but didn`t appear on yahoo.com. If awstats is grouping them together then it`s possible you`re really big in another country
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