Okay, so I made some chang..

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Okay, so I made quite a few changes on my website and I am in to the stage of promoting my site.  I had my site crawled by Alexa and the progress report is not so great. What am I doing wrong here? Can someone help me figure this out?


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    Alexa often takes time to get a better ranking. It is based mostly on traffic stats, it can fluctuate, and I believe it only is affected by visitors with Alexa add ons in their browser.
    That shouldn`t be your first concern.
    I somewhat remember seeing your site before. I don`t get all the keywords at the top of the main page. It doesn`t look professional as it is. From an SEO viewpoint, it looks more like keyword stuffing.
    What are "local accessories"?
    As before, your product images don`t sell the product. They are too small, and there is no description for the products to tell me anything about them.

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    Have you looked into even an open source like oscommerce?? I think you would benefit.
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