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Online Used Clothing Business need help

isclosetiscloset subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2011 in Selecting a Business
I have a online used children clothing store that I run on ebay..My main problem that I run into is that I have a problem with getting people to donate there unwanted clothing.....I wanted to know if anyone had a idea on how I can get more people to doante.....as if right now I post ads on crigslist and put flyer`s around my town.....


  • isclosetiscloset subscriber Posts: 1
    I offer a pick up service for people in the area I don`t ask people to ship anyting to me...I have had some people donate there old stuff to me and I tell them the truth that I resale there old items on ebay for very low prices....Alot of them like the idea and tell me they have more stuff to give me later.........I was thinking about getting some of them sign that you can post in the ground with will say donate used children clothing today and explain that we pick up and post my phone number on there
  • isclosetiscloset subscriber Posts: 1
    well in maryland we have goodwill and we have thrift stores.....the goodwill stores are non-profit the thrift stores are not non profit people just pull up throw there clothing in bins and take off.....Today alone I just made 3 pickup`s from people that just wanted to get rid of the clothing and didn`t feel like taking it to a location to drop it off....As for ebay and paypal sucking up my profits well that isn`t completely true for one everything I recieve from people is totally free posting on ebay my average profit after shipping and ebay and paypal is about 3.20-10.00 special items like breast pumps, babyseat, strollers sell for alot higher...My plan might not seem the best but it does work even if I tell them I sell there stuff on ebay.....I plan to also get a ebaty store soon......
  • elisaelisa subscriber Posts: 1
    I am not sure if you have considered this but maybe go to the local garage sales
    find out what they are going to do with the things they don`t sell. If they are
    going to trash them offer to dispose of the items for them. Tell them the truth
    that some of the stuff you may keep and sell and some will be given to the local
    Goodwill and or Salvation Army. Or wait until the afternoon after the major
    garage sale crowds have gone and you maybe able to pick up some really good
    deals. In our family we usually get together when we have garage sales. We
    always have huge storage boxes full of children`s clothes and I know towards the
    end of the day we are pretty much giving stuff away. Hope this helps.
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Your biggest problem is traffic. Try doing Search Engine Optimization. It's way cheaper in the long run comparing to PPC Ads.
  • KimberlyJonesKimberlyJones subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are looking to set up a clothing store in the US and are targeting childrens clothing then organic childrens clothing is range of clothing that you must give a serious thought to.
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