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Web Site Review

IonHomeInspectionIonHomeInspection subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2007 in Website Critique
Hey guys I would love a web site review.  I punched it out myself.  Please check it out here at http://ionhomeinspection.comThank you in advance!JeffreyIon Home Inspection


  • IonHomeInspectionIonHomeInspection subscriber Posts: 1
    Yea. I agree to a certain extent.  I am not real keen on the flash either. They thing is in my industry and the guys I am competing with have terrible websites with no snap.  I get rave reviews from my clients on it due to that fact because people surf several before they call. The flash that is.  Is there a way to cache flash so that is does not load everytime.  Of course it is a little different when people are actually reading. Average site time is 6 minutes.The Fees is just in test. I just put it out. Not sure if I want my prices out there yet.  I am not so sure about the you vs me copy difference totally.  At least in my industry they are looking for me or someone like me.  It`s a professional resume almost.  I understand what you mean though I have fought with it back and forth. Maybe I need to contain it to just the credentials page or there abouts.  The key is a must for Realtors.  Almost no one has one and some Realtors will not work with me other wise.Thank you for your input!  Anything else you can think of would be appreciated.Jeffrey in Houston
  • GeorgeAppiahGeorgeAppiah subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m at a conference here in Accra, Ghana, waiting for the next speaker to step in. And I thought I should make a quick trip to SuN. And guess what ... I JUST EMBARRASSED MYSELF ... just by visiting your website!
    Yeah, my speaker was waaaay up, but I was ONLY visiting a website, and didn`t expect to be greeted by such a loud sound
    No, I`m NOT making this up. It really did happen, moments ago.GeorgeAppiah10/16/2007 6:45 AM
  • artalacarteartalacarte subscriber Posts: 4
    Could anyone (with knowledge...) review my website (please go easy on me...)?

    Whiner and diner

  • arunharunh subscriber Posts: 0
      Here are few suggestions/opinions for you considering you are in Real Estate.
    1. Reduce the speed of the flash animation and good not to have sound. If you like sound go for a soothing one.
    2.The website doesnt resize the same in all resolutions. Try widening the content area. This will help you to add more information and look better.
    3.Lighter the better. Uniformity lacks in the website.
    Other wise your site looks good.  Hope this information helps.
    Spending few bucks can make your website great. Good Luck.
  • arunharunh subscriber Posts: 0
    ops....Sorry its home inspection............But reviews remains the same.
  • artalacarteartalacarte subscriber Posts: 4
    Real estate?
    Home inspection?
    Now, I want some of  whatever you are on....
    It is www.whineranddiner.net and last time I looked it was still about pet feeders and beds.
  • arunharunh subscriber Posts: 0
    Since this is a different thread , I have posted feedback about your website to your email.
  • IonHomeInspectionIonHomeInspection subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you. That is good stuff.   I suppose you are a night owl like me!
  • IonHomeInspectionIonHomeInspection subscriber Posts: 1
    OK, so say your target market is a homeowner or potential homeowner. You vs me copy is this:
    You / not good:
    I am a home inspector and I do home inspections on the planet of Mars.
    Me / is good:
    You will save yourself thousands of dollars and tons of hassle by getting your home inspected by me before purchase.
    (Worst copy ever but it`s 2:48 am!)
    See? Follow that copywriting link above to see more examples.Thank you for your input.  I took a sab at what you are recommending. Turn your sound down and take a look again please! ionhomeinspection.com
  • arunharunh subscriber Posts: 0
    np Jeffery ! My lpeasure . Yes I am a Night owl trying to connet the globle some day soon.
  • artalacarteartalacarte subscriber Posts: 4
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