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I`m very interested in starting a business in renting out professional camcorders and camera to media companies and to the public as well. I want to find out if this kind of business makes profit and do i need a lot of capital to start up this business?


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    My guess is this may be a tough business for a few reasons.  First, media companies will typically buy their own equipment because it`s fundamental to what they do. They want it available 24x7 and have to be intimately familiar with it.  They may occasionally lease more expensive pieces of equipment (usually for periods of 12 months or more) but I don`t get the sense from your post that you are looking to service this specific niche. Second, for the public it might work, particularly around tourist areas. But prices are always falling for consumer electronics and it`s so easy to buy equipment yourself.
    Research this carefully before spending alot of your capital.
    Best of luck.
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