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virtualevvievirtualevvie subscriber Posts: 1
Hi everyone
I`ve been reading the forum for a little while now and believe all of you good people know what you`re talking about. I love to have your opinion on my new website</A>.  I am new at website building (basically the whole internet marketing thing!)
I`d appreciate your feedback and advice. Thank you so much.


  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    I sent you a personal email with some comments. Was a bit lengthy.
    Take care - [email protected]
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Virtual,I took a look at your web site, and the first thing that I have to give you advise on is get rid of the SSL. What I want to ask you is: Why are you securing your web site with an SSL certificate? I don`t see that you are doing transactions or that you are collecting valuable information. Secondly, you don`t need to secure all your pages, the only pages you would want to secure are your forms, and credit card processor. From what I see, you have your image folder out of your root folder. What I am trying to say is; if you are going to use this approach and secure the whole web site at the top level..meaning secure all your directories because you didn`t secure the image folder and its annoying to see the prompt tell me "This web site contains secure and unsecure items" every time I go to different pages. If you are going to secure it make sure you include the images in the directory too.. If you need help send me an email and I will explain to you in detail.. Have a good day.
    I don`t see one on your web site, so its pointless to https:// the whole web site.
  • virtualevvievirtualevvie subscriber Posts: 1
    Keycon and Nuevolution, thank you both for your input.  I think your insights are right on.  I made the suggested changes this morning.  The SSL is gone, it was a real pain. Changed the font and colors too. Rewrote the pricing details.  Thanks for the help, it means a lot to have such great advice.  You guys are the best!
    "Winners never quit"
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    I know Nuevolution has helped a lot of people here - seems to have a lot of great advice related to website design and functionality. Probably good to stay in touch with him as you fine-tune your site.
    [email protected]
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