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Help with SEO & Marketing w/ critique

TotallyVirtualVATotallyVirtualVA subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
Please take a look at my site www.totallyvirtualonline.com.  The site is intended to provide information about my company Totally Virtual - Virtual Assistant Services.  I expect the site to be just a place to get general information followed by contacting me to request more specifics.
I designed the site myself using Yahoo.  I believe now that this was probably a good option but I used what was most convenient for me.  I really didn`t pay attention to how long it took to put together.
I know nothing of SEO and online marketing.  I am still researching and learning these things and could use some guidance.

Thanks for your help.



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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Since you use Yahoo sitebuilder you may have some limitations to what you can do for SEO. For example, the styles code is in the page html but it would be better to have it in an external style sheet (CSS).  As far as SEO, you should use H1, H2..tags and your targeted key words/phrase for your paragraph headers.
    The SEO process goes something like this:

    Determine what keywords/phrases you want to target.
    Research them to see how much competition there is for each and if people are using them to search for your type of services.
    Modify your targeted words/phases.
    Incorporate them into your website... focusing on a couple on each page.
    Use them in your page titles, links, h1, h2...tags, bold text, alt imgae tags and content.
    Use them in your in-bound links (form other sites and especially from relevant sites).

    Right now you have links entitled "services". It may be better if you used "virtual assistant services".
    On another note - your benefit pages suggests one can save money using a VA. I`m not sure your example is appropriate . If I`m reading it right you compare an annual Administrative assistant`s wage to a VA contract of 40 hrs per month. That implies the VA can do all the same work in 480 hours that a full time employee can do in 2,080 hours.
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    TotallyVirtualVATotallyVirtualVA subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the reply.  Although everything is written in plain english, it all seem like greek to me.  That just means that I have to do more research and studying.
    The implication that I can do in 480 hours what an onsite full time employee can do in 2,080 is correct.  In those 2,080 hours you have to include down time, lunch breaks, time on personal calls, time around the water cooler, etc.  In my current position as an executive assistant I probably only spend a total of 2-3 hours per day actually working.  The other time is spent on the net.
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    TotallyVirtualVATotallyVirtualVA subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the input.  I have been writing using corporate jargon for so long that it always seems to slip in somehow.  I will take this weekend to make the language more personable.  Let my personality shine through a little more.
    As for the look and feel of the site - What is your opinion?
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